Portici Academy is the cooking school those interested in learning more about the art
of traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine.


Located under Bologna’ iconic Two Towers, the Portici Academy offers cooking classes to those wishing to improve their skills or to get hands on for the first time.

Initially founded with the aim of training chefs, pasta makers, and bartenders for its own stores, the Portici Academy has since opened its doors to the public, offering high educational value cooking classes to enthusiasts and professionals alike.

It relies on the collaboration of industry professionals and established teachers, as well as the support of prestigious businesses and associations operating in the Italian food and wine industry.

The Portici Academy offers classes to learn the art of fresh pasta-making using a rolling pin, starting from the iconic flour and egg “volcano” through to rolling out the pasta sheet to perfection. We also offer basic wine courses and chocolate-making workshops. You can discover the world of craft beers and artisanal ice cream, extra virgin olive oil, professional sommelier courses, and much more.

The Academy is structured to host professional and amateur classes, as well as corporate team building or private events.


Portici Academy welcomes its students under the Two Towers, in the classrooms of Palazzo Melchiorre Bega, which are fully equipped to teach cooking theory and practice.


Overlooking the Two Towers, with a unique viewpoint over the city of Bologna, the Portici Academy is a multifunctional space dedicated to Bolognese cuisine and its culture. The heart of Bologna is the backdrop for a unique and authentic experience in which food is the vehicle to knowledge, conviviality and sharing.